December 1, 2020

The second book of the series 'Conquest of Time's will release within this month... Stay Tune for More Updates and don't forget to follow me on Amazon Author Page

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Conquest of Time: The Preamble

Conquest of Time: The Preamble




About the book

This is a narrative of two different timelines, where the first one can be considered as a work of creative nonfiction that deals with an Indian boy called Jonael, who suffers from Problematic Social Media Use or Social Media Addiction that leads to a favorable change in his Emotional States and real life relationships. As a consequence, Jonael forgets the significance of 'family love' in his real life and turns his back on his father, elder brother and sisters. He just maintains the internet relation with the people enlisted in friend-list of his social media profile while the leftover time, he spends playing video games. Based on a realistic incident that took place in an Island in Rishikesh, the Yoga Capital of the World and the beautiful place beside River GANGA where people went to spend and enjoy their holidays. Due to the rudeness and misbehaviour caused by social medias and gaming addiction, the family of Jonael made a trip to Rishikesh and spent few days in order to create a family love between Jonael and other family members. When they were approaching towards Rishikesh, Jonael was promised by his parents not to touch smartphones and gaming devices until the end of their trip and was requested to maintain serenity along with tranquility. The next day, when his parents had gone to a nearby store, Jonael took his smartphone and went outside looking for a calm place amidst nature. After walking more than 500m, he explored a small island where he saw several foreigners who were engaged in conversation with each other. On the small island as a consequence Jonael had faced a natural calamity for which he almost lost his sense in fear of drowning or Aquaphobia.
Moreover, the second timeline can be considered as a work of Fantasy Literature that deals with a journey of a prince named Conquest who was ignored by his father King Pharaoh, the King of 'Southield'. According to King Pharaoh, practicing magical powers on innocent people and performing abilities by killing others in front of audience were the chief characteristics of a true warrior and he himself loved to evince an attitude of undefeated warrior. 'Southield' was the greatest and largest kingdom of the country "Puble' which was famous for three types of rare attributes. Firstly, it was the hometown of greatest warriors, Valkyries and Wizards who possessed magical powers. Secondly, 'Southield' had a magical forest which was the shelter of heavenly powerful animals and beasts that owned special fighting abilities and most of the greatest warriors used to visit this forest in order to obtain a better companion or ally. The third rare attribute was its Gladiatorial Combat Arena where greatest warriors entertained the empires and audiences in violent confrontations with other warriors, wild animals, condemned criminals and innocent peoples. Some warriors were volunteers who risked their lives and their legal as well as social standing by appearing in the arena. Most were despised as slaves, schooled under harsh conditions, socially marginalized, and segregated even in death.

This series of book is a creative mixture of Greek Mythology( PHOBOS & ENYO)+Egyptian Mythology(PHARAOH)+Fiction+Present & Modern Day as Nonfiction Narrative+ A True Incident+ Much More(Secret).

Before starting the book, make sure you have read the REMARKABLE REQUEST that the author makes to the YOUTH or NEW GENERATION. It is very important for youth to know about the Social Media Networking World and it will be a pleasure if this request saves the humankind.

Praise for Conquest of Time: The Preamble

Alex- Super excited to read it. Release it soonGoodreads Reader- Interesting Story, I hope it will rockAmazonUser37- GoodSweeta- Nice, feeling excited to read

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One of the versatile & creative writers , firdous alam was born in 1998 , 11th may in northeastern region of india. he is well known for his unique mixture of different literary genres and devices . most of his writings are associated with both the fiction and non-fiction narrative and he himself loves to write in "free-style". with the exception of writing books, recently he has written a comic book series which is exclusively available in Japan where his comic book has gained a well response and appreciation.
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